HyloPan is a sterile, viscose-free, visco-elastic, high viscosity protective film for the eye cornea.

HyloPan contains Sodium Hyaluronate, the sodium salt of Hyaluronic acid, which, due to its physical properties, forms a uniform, solid and long-retaining protective layer for the epithelial layer of the eye without damaging vision. In addition, HyloPan contains provitamin B5 (Dexpanthenol), which has the ability to hold large amounts of water, moisturizes and protects the eye. This significantly enhances the properties of sodium hyaluronate to moisten the eye.

The combination of Sodium Hyaluronate (Lactic Acid Fixation) and Dexpanthenol (nourishing and softening) protects, dampens the surface of the eye while keeping it smooth.


1. Take a single-dose packet strip from the bag and remove one dose.

2. Instill Hylopan in the conjunctival sac of the eye. To open a one-dose package, turn the top of the package

3. Tilt your head back slightly, look up and pull your lower eyelid slightly away from the eye.

4. Slowly close your eyes after instillation. Hylopan should not be used in patients under 18 years of age.

Sodium hyaluronate 0.15%, Dexpanthenol 2%

20 single dose 0.5ml containers

1-2 drops per eye 3-5 times a day

Relief from discomfort related to:
- Mechanical stress such as long-term discomfort, soft or hard contact lenses, or pain during diagnostic tests.
-Environmental stress, resulting from air conditioning, air, cold, room dryness or air infested with cigarette smoke, for example.
-Optic stress, from intense adhesion resulting from prolonged use of computers, microscopes, and during long-distance driving.

Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients

- Suitable for long-term use
- Suitable for contact lens users
-Without preservatives